At heart, Im a social entrepreneur, creative and global thinker, looking to change and develop each place I walk into. I like to dream big and would rather lean into risk than play it safe with faith for the impossible to be made possible. And Im just crazy enough to believe we can change the world one small choice at a time. 

I believe each of us were made to give our lives away, to contribute to or invest in society in some way, and leave a mark, whether we’re aware of it or not. It is in this process that we come alive as the unique combination of potential, gifts and talents inside of us start to touch the world in a real, authentic way.

It is my hope that this little corner of the web would inspire you, give you hope and reflect the beauty of a heart coming alive.

I'm originally from Kansas, but many have heard me say, "there's no place like Texas". I moved to the big small town of Waco, TX in early 2014, where I discovered the glory of Tex-Mex, the power of a home (Thank you Chip and Jo) and heart restored and friends who feel like family.

I have experience in professional writing, copy writing and editing, marketing, project management and event planning, yet Im always looking to try my hands at something new. In my free time I enjoy baking (and dancing) in my kitchen, traveling and exploring new places, studying different cultures and marketing trends and discussing social issues over a glass of red wine.