The Hostess: Celebrating Around the Table

If there's one thing I did not expect in moving to Waco, it was that I'd still be here.... over 2 and a half years later. But quite honestly, it's grown on me, and the people I've walked with over the past few years have become like family to me in many ways. Although life has thrown me several curve balls in the last few months, I have experienced friends rally around me, pray with me, and go out of their way to bless me time and time again. 

After coming back from my personal retreat a few months ago, one of the rhythms I wanted to put in place was regularly hosting friends over for dinner - to pause, celebrate and be grateful for the community I've found myself in. Although I do not have my own home, I still enjoy the process of preparing a meal, setting my table, and initiating good conversation. It's kind of soothing to me, and I honestly believe there's something magical about gathering around a table. 

A couple weeks ago, two of my roommates and I decided to each invite two friends over and host a dinner party in our backyard to ring in the fall(ish) weather. We asked each guest to bring a dish to share and then prepared a main course and served drinks. In the end, the menu came together perfectly and enjoyed a sweet little dinner outside in our backyard. 

Hosting doesn't mean you need to have your own home, fancy things, professional cooking skills, or even a matching dish set. It's simply an opportunity to celebrate the people around you by making the most of what you have now. 

Below are a few pictures from our little party - stay tuned for next month's gathering!