The Truth About Job Searching

I could offer you the end of the story of my job search in LA all packaged and pretty, but you and I both know that's not the whole story. And I'm committed to real, authentic storytelling, even when it exposes my own imperfections. This week I started a new job at a creative agency close to the beach - dreamy, right? My previous copywriting contract ended just days before starting - it was honestly perfect. 

But to be honest, the job application (and waiting) process is really hard. No amount of coffee shop Instagram story shots can make the job search glamorous, contrary to what you may believe. To put it bluntly, it sucks. 

After I graduated college it took me a solid six months to land a full time job. I networked, adjusted my resume over and over again, wrote about a million cover letters, went to job fairs, subscribed to job boards, and in the meantime, I worked at a little ice-cream shop downtown to pay the bills. I was depressed, frustrated, unhealthy, and impatient. It was pretty brutal. 

This time around, I realized how much pride I had attached to my previous job. I was proud of the fact I had done my due diligence to find a job before moving. I was ahead of the game. And it felt good telling people where I'd be working and how I'd created the perfect plan, almost as if I was trying to prove something. Que red flag. 

Because of circumstances totally out of my control, my "perfect" plan collapsed and I had just moved to a city that costs two and a half times as much as my life in Waco did. I felt this urge to explain myself, as if I wanted to put on a good face and say it was all ok. But who was I trying to prove this to? 

Almost as soon as I asked this question, the answer came so clearly, myself. I sat there in a bit of disbelief, but knew the still small voice was right. 

No one was asking me to have a perfect plan or explanation for every decision I made. I was putting this expectation on myself, and it was time to let it go. I made a conscious decision to release myself, to shut off the thoughts grasping to find some sort of plausible explanation to my circumstances. And it worked. 

I suppose this was going to be the beginning of my LA story all along, but anxiety is real, and the job search process is no fun. I know this is where I'm supposed to be; somehow I think this city is teaching me to embrace my true self.

So feel free to follow my highlight reel on Instagram, but know that there's often so much more to the story. It's my hope to initiate honest, authentic conversations on this blog as I seek to tell stories that matter. Thanks for following along, friend!

For what it's worth, here's a few of my favorite coffee shop / cafe spots, which made the job search a little bit more exciting. 

The iced coconut white tea at this place is AMAZING. 

The iced coconut white tea at this place is AMAZING. 

Lincoln is a sweet little cafe just a couple blocks from my house - dangerous, right?!

Lincoln is a sweet little cafe just a couple blocks from my house - dangerous, right?!