Painful Endings & Small Beginnings

This time last year I felt as though my life plan had just pulled out from under me. I was confused, hurt, lonely, frustrated, and desperate for some sort of direction. I was still reeling from the shock and pain of a break-up and disappointing loss in my family. The trauma of my summer experience working with refugees was fresh in my mind, and I had just quit my job, abandoning my only source of steady income. It was as if I had just experienced an earthquake, and the ground I was standing on didn't exist anymore. 

I'm starting to wonder if your 20's are made up of a series of painful endings and small beginnings. At over halfway through, my guess is looking pretty spot on. Maybe you can relate. The death of friendships. The death of dreams. The death of future plans. The death of love. That's a lot of deaths. And a lot of closed doors. 


You've probably heard the saying "when one door closes, another opens", right? But that's probably the last thing you want to hear in the midst of a painful ending. Like a break-up, or any kind of loss, really. 

In the kitchen of a family friend last fall, I remember tears falling and nearly ugly crying as she encouraged me with the words above. Another door would open soon, she offered. And she was right, but if only it was that easy (or fast). 

I was both frustrated and comforted by her words, wondering if what she said was true. I pictured myself in a hallway, knocking on doors, waiting for one to open, or for someone to at least tell me if I was getting closer. I felt stuck. 

But that's where the good stuff happens. It's where we learn to dig deep, find ourselves and God, and grow up. I didn't know this season was on the other side, but now, looking back, I'm so grateful. I'm currently living a new dream in LA pursuing grad school and working at a creative marketing agency. Oftentimes the painful endings lead to the small beginnings we've been waiting for. And I wouldn't change it. 

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