Like a Shot of Pure Gold

I love birthdays. Each time the New Year begins and Spring starts to bloom, I start anticipating my next year of life. I typically spend time looking back, reminiscing and being thankful. Then I look ahead. 

This year, I knew my 26th year was going to be good. I affectionally deemed it my "sparkle year" - my year to do life big, celebrate, enjoy, and ultimately embrace who God made me to be. Growing up my mom threw the most elaborate fun birthday parties, so I decided to try my hand at throwing my own party. 

Instead of hosting a party for myself; however, I wanted to create an experience for my friends to enjoy with me. Anyone who knows me well knows I love to dance, so I created and hosted my very own dance party birthday. Special thanks to Refit Studio for hosting the party and to Mary Beth Walker for leading us in a cardio dance session!