Why I Became a Writer

I had the privilege of growing up with a Speech Coach for a mom, so I was never lacking opportunities to put my words on paper and into practice. In middle school, my mom helped me create my own newspaper that we sent out to family and friends (If you're interested, I could probably dig up a few). My freshman and sophomore year of high school we traveled all over the United States to compete in speech and debate tournaments. And by my senior year, I was an editor of my high school newspaper, and ate lunch nearly every day in the media room. 

In college I majored in Communication and would hands down rather write a paper than take a test. Upon graduating I had several different jobs, but one of my favorites was being a content developer for Joanna Gaines. I realized writing was something I could do professionally, instead of simply filling journals or drooling over inspiring creative blogs. 

So, here I am embarking on a new adventure of sorts. I've decided to become a writer and maybe someday I can write something for you! If you're interested, visit my contact page and I'll be in touch. Thanks for reading and happy Friday!