A few years ago I started dreaming about how to create and facilitate a safe place for not-so-safe topics. Take race for example. Most people like me avoid controversial topics like this one out of fear, ignorance, or both. But once I stepped outside of my box and started engaging topics that didn't necessarily have right answers or final conclusions, I realized someone needed to talk about these things. So I started listening. 

Fast forward to today and I'm hosting events using my work guide curriculum, exercises from the Cultural Intelligence Center training I completed, and thoughts from my grad program and professors. These events are a safe place to talk about sticky topics. No judgement or dismissal - just a bunch of normal people taking the time to listen to each other's stories. I facilitate conversation to invite authentic sharing and provide clear action steps. It's a place to build bridges, create community, share stories, and listen intently. 


In short, the "Come to the Table" events exist to build new perspectives and experiences about the construct of race.

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Upcoming Events

Conversation Dinner Party - Saturday, June 23rd in Valley Village, Los Angeles

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Training Events

I facilitate both formal and informal trainings on race, culture, and unconscious bias. If you're looking to improve diversity in your workplace, ministry, or circle of friends, I can create a custom training for you and your group. Drop me a note on my contact page and I'll be in touch. 

Table Events

Every quarter I host dinner events for people from all different backgrounds around Los Angeles. I'll keep this page up to date with new events in the area, but if you're interested in hosting an event near you, contact me for details! I provide coaching and am also available for travel.