A few years ago I started dreaming about how to create and facilitate a safe place for not-so-safe topics, like racial reconciliation and unconscious bias. What started as a few events in a friend’s backyard, turned into a small business and community. Conscious Culture exists to provide practical education for inclusive communities and workplaces by building awareness, facilitating storytelling, and empowering authentic transformation for social change. We do this through corporate training, pop-up events, and community building. Join us as we build bridges, not walls, one conversation at a time.


Our vision is to see racial divides healed and cultures celebrated. We envision an era where no one is discriminated against in the workplace - consciously or unconsciously.

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Upcoming Events

Quilt Conversation Series - Thursday, September 5th in Pasadena, CA

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Training Events

I facilitate both formal and informal trainings on race, culture, and unconscious bias. If you're looking to improve diversity in your workplace, ministry, or circle of friends, I can create a custom training for you and your group. Visit my company website and drop me a note here!

Table Events

Every quarter I host dinner events for people from all different backgrounds around Los Angeles. I'll keep this page up to date with new events in the area, but if you're interested in hosting an event near you, contact me for details! I provide coaching and am also available for travel.