Tori was one of the key forerunners that helped pave the way for our retail business and E-commerce site. She was forward in her thinking and was passionate about helping our business succeed. She is honest, trustworthy, and confident in her ability to lead a project and a team. She is a self starter and highly disciplined and will get the job done.
— Joanna Gaines, Co-Host, HGTV's Fixer Upper; Co-Owner, Magnolia

Tori is a savvy, creative individual who is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a storyteller and writer by nature but is super versatile and has experience in a variety of marketing functions. Her communication skills are excellent and she has great rapport with her team. I recommend her as a quality addition to anyone’s team and hope we get the opportunity to work together again.
— Hillary Rickel, HR Manager, Inked Brands

Tori is a thought-leader and an incredibly gifted writer. She has a unique ability to take an idea and develop it into a full-scale campaign, regardless of the client or content. Tori is someone who thrives when given a task to run with, and she puts her entire heart into the work she produces. Content creation, writing and marketing strategy are only a few areas that Tori has mastered—she truly is one of the most gifted individuals I’ve worked with. She is a hard worker, who can be trusted to take a project to the next level and with extreme precision and execution.
— Shelby Pipken, Director of Communications, Four Columns Marketing
Tori is an Ambassador-writer. At Magnolia, we put great emphasis on engaging customers, employees, partners, and fans like an ambassador representing the personality and spirit of Chip and Joanna Gaines, as seen on HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Tori has captured that spirit through her communication methods from the way she wordsmiths to the way she packs tons of meaning into a few magical phrases. Like a true writer, Tori has brought marketing materials, training manuals, and blog entries to life in a way that fits our brand. She is a creative with wonderful skills at moving projects to completion in a methodical manner. She doesn’t only produce great work. She is enjoyable to work alongside!
— Jonathan Gulley, CSO, Magnolia

Tori is one of the most trustworthy, respectful, professional young women I know, and certainly one of the most intentional. Tori has exceptional character and depth. She has a strong, steady demeanor. She has a proven ability to strategically and persuasively communicate an opinion, position or platform with great poise... She will bring a respect for excellence and best practices to any project. I confidently recommend her.
— Laurie Carney, Partner, The Strategy Group

Tori took her job very seriously, was intentional and thoughtful and did a thorough job. She was lifted from her comfort zone in many ways, but was not slowed by that. She only had a realization of how she was being stretched and an appreciation for what she was ‘about to learn’... Tori has strong communication skills, from written to spoken to graphic design skills. She is a self-starter and self-disciplined.
— Kim Bastable, President, Vital Leadership